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About Masterx

Masterx glove certificate issued by Chinese governmentMasterx is a newly set up work gloves manufacturer from Gaomi, China. We currently produce PVC dotted gloves and string knit gloves. PVC dotted glove, another name PVC dots glove are made of knitted glove liner planted with PVC dots; String knit glove are made of yarns by glove knitting machines. We started our production from one piece of glove dotting machine with a daily capacity of 15,000 pairs and a dozen of glove knitting machines that help us to create better gloves. For the PVC part, we make use of a optimum formula that is with best PVC powder and zero or less stuffing, this making a firm connection between PVC dots and liner and better grip. For the string knit part, we pay attention to their comfort, durability, and dexterity. And we don’t stop on what we’ve done, we rather keep trying to be creative and focus on producing better gloves that best meet end users’ need.