15 Gauge Spandex and Nylon
13 Gauge Spandex and Nylon
13 Gauge Spandex and HPPE
18 Gauge Spandex and Nylon
13 Gauge HPPE, Glass Fiber and Spandex
13 Gauge Nylon

Fine knit gloves are gloves that are made with 13 gauge, 15 gauge and 18 gauge machine. Variety of materials are available like nylon, polyester, HPPE, spandex, glass fiber etc. Please do not limit to above pictures. The glove portions that can be specified include:

  • The length of each finger
  • The length of front and back palm
  • The length of wrist
  • How rubber thread is structured on wrist
  • Whether use rubber band inside hem or not, hem without rubber band is more comfortable but loose when you wear
  • Which machine size to choose, only three sizes small, medium and large available. No matter what size your glove is, all of them are made with either one of these three sizes


Quality is checked twice, one is during knitting process and the other one is after goods are finished. Interval inspection makes sure machine problems can be fixed at once as soon as they occur. The final inspection is to check finished glove piece by piece.


Materials used on gloves got certificate of oeko-tex standard 100. No harmful chemicals and silicon is contained inside gloves and packages. All gloves also conform to European Reach standard.