Pu coated gloves

PU coated glove is a kind of PU glove that has a nylon or polyester liner and polyurethane coating. PU glove is available with palm coated and fingertip coated style. The most typical liner color has white, grey and black. We also have PU gloves made with colorful printed liner.

The liner of PU glove is typically knitted with 13 gauge, 15 gauge or 18 gauge, each with a particular yarn density and a certain thickness. PU palm coated glove with 18 gauge liner is kind of ultra light and suitable for precision works. Besides plain liner color, PU gloves have printed liner of variety of patterns available. You can make your own printing pattern on the liner, we do it accordingly. Polyester and nylon are two most regular yarns used in PU coated gloves. Nylon is more expensive, more flexible and more abrasion resistant compared to polyester. But the look of these two types of yarns is very much same and is not easy to tell.

The coating has the difference of DMF based and water based. Water based PU glove is no poison. DMF based PU glove is the most regular one on market because of the cost. But DMF is a kind of chemical that could cause skin allergy.

For PU coated gloves, we can categorize it by the following aspects:

Color: white liner with white PU; grey liner with grey PU; black liner with black PU

Coating style: palm coated; fingertip coated

Liner material: polyester; nylon; HPPE

PU material: DMF based; water based

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