Latex coated gloves

The definition

Latex coated glove, also named latex dipped glove, is one of our products categories. It features latex coating and string knit or fabric liner. The latex dipped glove is made by dipping the liner into latex liquid. Based on the dipping position, the glove has palm coated glove, 3/4 coated glove and fully coated glove. The palm finish style includes flat, crinkle, foam and sandy, with different gripping function under dry, wet and oily condition.

The quality variance

Quality can be adjusted based on what customers need. There are two aspects that could be used to adjust quality, liner and coating. Coating’s cost is adjusted by making variant pure latex percentage, less pure latex in coating means lower cost, vice versa. Besides using cheaper yarns, the liner cost is typically adjusted by changing the yarn and rubber band density. For both liner and coating aspect, adjusting latex percentage of coating is the most effective method to control the cost.