Coated gloves

The definition

Rubber coated glove is constructed of liner and rubber coating. The rubber coating is made onto liner by drying latex after dipping process. The typical coating has latex, nitrile and PU available, among which latex and nitrile coating can be made into foam structure to increase breathable and flexibility. The coating finish type has flat, crinkle, and sandy finish, in which crinkle finish is made for better grip and sandy finish has the best grip.

The glove liner can be named based on either yarn type or gauge. The typical yarn type has cotton, poly cotton, polyester, nylon, HPPE, and other compound yarns. By gauge, it has 7, 10, 13, 15, and 18, each with different yarn density. The liner can be knitted with different pattern like double layer, U3 and U2, etc.

The quality

The quality depends on cost. There are many ways to adjust the cost like, using more assistant chemicals in coating, using cheap yarns, substituting expensive chemicals with cheap one, lowering the weight etc. Clients should find the right quality that fits their own market. A higher quality that is beyond what the local market can accept would not move; A lower quality the local market doesn’t like would also not work.

The price

We don’t produce rubber coated gloves by ourselves and we do trading for this category, but it doesn’t mean our price is higher than others. We supply a lower price that is same to those cheap factories. These cheap factories are only accessible for traders. We do it by a well managed exporting process, lowering invoice cost, and a little markup.