Hello, Welcome to my website! This is Bin Zhou, the founder of Masterx. Up untill now, I have been engaging in work glove industry for more than ten years. At the very beginning, I had started working in glove factory for some years, and for recent years, I started my own glove business. By this website, I hope you can find me well for potential cooperation. 

What I do

To produce PVC dotted gloves

I have glove dotting machine that is for quality PVC dotted gloves. With this machine, PVC dots can be made on glove more accurately than traditional dotting machine. The PVC dots I make on glove is more durable than most factories make thanks to the formula and high quality PVC powder used. The liner is knitted by only select liner makers to ensure the lowest defective rate.

To supply work gloves

I currently partners with multiple competitive glove factories that have low production cost and guaranteed quality. Each of them is good at producing a certain type of glove. If you are a buyer that is sensible to price, I am the right supplier for you. A better price will be offered based on my partnership with those low cost factories; If you are buying many different types of work glove in one single order, I am going to be the right supplier for you; If you are looking for some specialty gloves, I am going to be your right supplier.

The value I provide

Now the whole work glove industry is full of competition, I have to provide my customer value in order to survive. The real situation in China is that most cheap gloves are exported by traders. Some big factories can sometimes offer a cheap price but they do not produce them by themselves, rather outsource them from other small factories. I think I can offer a better price for those cheap gloves because I do not go after high profit and I have my own way to bring cost down. 

No one factory can make all types of gloves, nor can top size glove factories. There are a lot of small quality factories in China that are good at making only one certain type of glove and scattered all over China. To do exportation directly by themselves is non-sense because of their narrow product line. Distributing your order to those smaller factories to produce is one of value I can provide.

Regarding work gloves or other safety products, I am also open to other kind of cooperative proposal. Just find my contact information on the right hand side. Hopefully the future cooperation between us is going to be happy and fruitful!

add value to glove