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To cope with this global corona virus pandemic and the high demand for respiratory face mask , we decide to supply and export them right away. The face mask we supply is Chinese KN95 mask which is equivalent to N95 and FFP2. In order to meet customers’ high demand of quantity, we combine several factories’ production capacity to guarantee your quantity demand are met. This is because no single factory can have such big quantity produced in a very short period of time.

Certificates we hold at the moment

We have the testing report of Chinese KN95 which is equivalent of European standard FFP2 and American standard N95. Almost no people have mask CE in China at the moment, neither are we. The CE certificate needs more than 2-3 months to make and no one can wait for that long. And first and foremost, those renown institutes like CTC, SATRA, Interteck etc have no authorization to make CE certificate at the moment in China. So most so-called CE those Chinese people hold are not CE but a paper issued by foreign organization that proves conformity to CE standard. Some people call it fake CE.

We think at the moment more countries admit the Chinese standard KN95 since no Chinese factories really have CE or FDA certificates. US also acknowledges Chinese KN95 standard. Each country has their own requirement about the needed certificate, you want to check it out by your own before deciding to do the importation in case of having custom clearance problem.

Packing manner

N95 / FFP2 face mask is usually packed with two pieces in one poly bag, 50 pieces in one box and 10 boxes in one carton. Disposable face mask is usually packed with 50 pieces in one box and 60 boxes in one carton. For the time being, the artwork on box and carton will have no brand name, only pictogram and words. If you need put something on the carton, we have to use sticker.

Delivery time and how to deliver

At the moment, air shipping might be the best choice compared with sea shipping. This is actually most people are doing under this Coronavirus pandemic even though it is high cost compared with sea shipping. Shipping by sea usually takes one month to come, so everything would be late if you just wait one whole month. We have cheap courier available for our customers, so if you want, you can use our courier. Our courier is a agent of couriers like DHL, FedEX, TNT etc which is much cheaper. It usually takes one week by courier to arrive.

Delivery time is not problem because we can combine the capacity of several factories to supply to make sure you can get the goods on time at your side. It might be a good option to ship the goods with several shipments, one shipment each day with a certain amount prefixed.

Payment term

Considering most customers ask to ship the mask by air or by courier with a urgent manner, hence we do not have control over the goods after being sent out, so we have the following payment terms for mask buyers:

  1. If the quantity is not big which takes one or 2 days to be done, we ask for full payment before shipping.
  2. If your quantity is big, we ask 30% before producing, balance needs to be made before shipping.

Our statement about efficiency of face mask to coronavirus

This coronavirus has caused global panic, and a lot of people rush to buy respiratory face mask. But people should be aware of the following points:

  1. Face mask has limited role of protecting uninfected people. It is mainly meant to be used by the infected to protect other people. With mask, you less likely infect other people when you cough and sneeze if you are infected.
  2. Unless you are medical care worker or doctor, mask is almost no use to yourself. It is almost not possible for a regular person to follow the protocol to wear mask.
  3. The size of corona virus is smaller than the least particles size mask is able to filter, so the virus can still go through mask. Corona virus can also come in from the mask edge.
  4. Social distancing and washing hands with soap is still the main way to protect yourself instead of wearing mask.

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