fine knit gloves

Fine knit glove range includes gloves that are made with 13 gauge, 15 gauge and 18 gauge machine. The material features nylon, polyester, spandex, HPPE, steel fiber, glass fiber etc. See fine knit gloves

Here the Glove Range on our website lists limited number of products. We have more gloves to offer that aren’t displayed here.  Just remember our two main categories are PVC dotted string knit gloves and coated gloves. As long as your inquiry falls into these two categories, we can supply them to you with competitive prices.

Two categories we supply

Coated work gloves and PVC dotted string knit gloves are two main categories we currently supply. By definition, the coated work gloves are constructed with a type of liner and a certain type of coating material. The typical liner materials have polyester, nylon, poly-cotton, coton, HPPE, Kevlar, spandex, Kevlar, etc. It can be either with only one type of yarn or the compound of two or more types. The liner gauges can be 7 gauge, 10 gauge, 13 gauge, 15 gauge and 18 gauge, each gauge with a certain thickness and yarn density. Another type of liner is jersey and interlock cotton sewed liner which are only for nitrile coated glove. The coating materials have natural rubber latex, nitrile, and PU.

String knitted gloves we supply are mainly PVC dotted gloves. PVC dotted glove features knitted liner and PVC dots. PVC dots can be made into different patterns which is as per customer requirement. Dots can be made on two sides to extend product life.

Product advantage

PVC dotted gloves are produced by ourselves. And we aim for making a high quality by using quality PVC raw material, fine knit and less defective rate. Coated work gloves are from our partner factories that have a lower production cost, for which we can provides you a competitive price to help you to get succeeded in your market. We do this by well managed exporting process and lowering invoice cost, so we can supply you a lower direct factory price.

Made as per your order

Each customer needs the same glove, but sometimes with some variance like different color, weight, quality, packaging manner etc. We can do this as per your specific order. You might need consider the following questions regarding the packaging manner.

Do you need a logo printed on glove?
What is the packaging quantity for each poly bag and carton or master bag?
Do you need a label on glove?
Do you need an individual poly bag?
Do you need a header card?
Do you need a user mannual?

foam nitrile glove

Style No.:  X-602
Product Type:  Coated Glove
Liner Material:  Nylon
Coating Latex:  Foam Nitrile
Gauge: 13
Cuff Type: Knit Wrist
Liner and Coating Color:  White and Grey
Size:  8/M, 9/L, 10/XL
Typical Packaging:  12 pairs for each poly bag, 240 pairs per carton