PPE Industry Review

March 26, 2020
corona virus pandemic

Chinese people making face mask became millionaire overnight

CDC in America gave people advice of how to protect themselves from corona virus. It is to wash hands with […]
December 25, 2018

VAT rebate in China

I have seen a lot of articles online that are talking about Chinese VAT rebate thing. VAT is the short […]
December 11, 2018

International air freight rate

Air freight is not as common as sea freight in work glove industry, but it does play an important role. […]
November 26, 2018

Can you tell who is a manufacturer and who is actually a trader?

Just open the exhibitors list on A+A website and take a look at those Chinese suppliers, can you tell who […]
November 8, 2017

The third generation of glove knitting machine appears in China

Since glove knitting machine had been invented overseas, it was then copied in China and then Chinese made machine dominated […]
November 8, 2017

This machine could be the future of stitching jersey and interlock liner

As you can see in the above video, this machine can do the cutting and stitching work for jersey and […]
September 22, 2017

Something you might not know about Chinese work glove industry

In the following section, I am going to list a few real things about Chinese work glove industry. They all […]
September 4, 2017

What is a reasonable profit for work glove industry?