Masterx is the online presence of Shandong Xinhong. This is a PPE website aimed at providing insight of PPE industry from a manufacturing and supplier angle. Our blog posts try to cover all the PPE product range like work gloves, safety shoes, workwear, and more. We will write posts regularly on this site and you may want to come often to read what we write. We hope all the information on this site are helpful for each PPE dealers to make solid decision in their daily business operation. Please leave your comments on each blog post so that we can know what you think.

This is a website that is written and maintained by Chinese people whose English is not as good as native speakers. So wrong words and expression is no less. If you found any wrong grammar and confusing expression, please be kind to let us know and we will correct them. This website also serves another purpose that is, we hope potential customers will reach out to us though the website for potential business cooperation.

Chinese work glove manufacturer

Masterx is a work glove manufacturer from Gaomi, China. Currently our factory has 2 mass production lines that outputs 60000 pairs of coated gloves a day. The coated gloves made in our factory includes latex coated, nitrile coated, PU coated and PVC coated gloves. We have many years of experience in work glove industry, mainly doing OEM for our foreign customers that equips us with all necessary know-how in this industry. Our product range covers a quality level that is from low to high so that customers can always find the right quality and price with us.

All-in-one PPE supplier

We are not limited to work gloves, and we also satisfy customers’ need by offering a full range of PPE so that customer can get all PPE products in one place. We might be able to help if you are sourcing a variety of PPE products and want to save your precious time. Just feel the peace of mind and we will take advantage of our expertise in PPE field and the connection with other local PPE factories to help you to make your sourcing process go smoothly.