Four things to consider for buying PVC dotted gloves

No matter whether you are a work glove wholesaler who are purchasing PVC dotted glove for your stock, or an end user who are looking for a right pair of PVC dots glove for your work, there are four aspects you can not neglect when you do purchasing that directly affect the glove durability, comfort and dexterity respectively. Here we share them with you and hope you can benefit from them. Remember the glove weight and yarn quality are not the only factors that affect the glove quality, the following four points are also worth your attention:

  • The weak zone The fingertips are the most weak zone on this type of gloves. For some low density gloves, it usually goes broken first and fingers could penetrate it. This area is better reinforced with PVC latex.

glove picture 4

  • The fingers length It’s the number one factor that affects the dexterity of PVC dots glove. Just remember shorter fingers are better than longer ones with regard to dexterity.

picture of glove

  • The most stressed area The connection part between fingers and palm are usually the most stressed area on which PVC dots needs to be carefully allocated to reduce some stress.

glove picture 3

  • The five sensitive touch points If the PVC dots on the the top of your five fingers could be made flat, your hands would get much more comfort when holding something with your fingers and your fingertips touching the object.

glove picture 2

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