The third generation of glove knitting machine appears in China

glove knitting machine


Since glove knitting machine had been invented overseas, it was then copied in China and then Chinese made machine dominated the market with much lower price than foreign machines like  Shima Seiki. The stability of Chinese made machine is not comparable with Shima Seiki, but the low price is enough to dominate the local market.

The first generation of glove knitting machine is controlled by chains with a lot of inherent problems. The second generation is computer controlled machine which has a big advancement with regard to stability.  Now the third generation is coming in China, which uses servo motor as the driver. This type of new machine is actually not new for foreign glove machine maker, but it is quite new for Chinese makers and Chinese market. Compared to last generation, it has the following advancement:

  • The output is higher, about two dozens more.
  • More stable, that saves machine fixing cost.
  • Less workers are needed to take care the machine.
  • The glove density and wrist width now can be  adjusted directly by changing data on computer screen.
  • Other extra features, I still not aware of.

The cost of this new generation is higher than the second generation. It is still at its introduction phase of the life cycle, so the price of the machine is at it’s highest point.  It is said that the price would be at RMB 18,000 – 20,000. For lower price, I think it needs several years yet.  But if factories do not want their machines becomes obsolete, from now on they should gradually buy the new machines and start selling out old ones. If you just await till the new machine takes the market, you would lose a lot of money.

The following is an advertising clip from a Chinese glove machine maker. You can take a look at how this machine look like through it.



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