How to arrange the dots on PVC dotted glove

dotted glove


PVC dotted glove is a type of  glove with a glove liner and PVC dots. The construction of PVC dotted glove might look pretty simple that consists of only dots and liner, but it is not that simple as you imagine when it comes to how to arrange PVC dots on liner. The arrangement of PVC dots can impact durability, comfort, dexterity and grip. For instance, sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort to exchange for dexterity, durability and grip.  It is a kind of art to do it right. You will face a lot of questions about dots arrangement when you are thinking about how to arrange these dots on liner.  These questions are:

what is the size of each dot?

The dot size should be set for a optimum level at which a balance is reached between finger comfort, gripping and durability.  A large dot that covers too much area on fingers would make fingers tight so as to make our hands uncomfortable. A small dot that covers too little finger surface would lead to less gripping and less durability.

How much is the dots distance ?

The distance between two neighboring dots  is a another factor that affects glove durability, comfort and gripping. Bigger dots distance means less durability, less gripping and better comfort.  Smaller dots distance means more durability, more gripping and less comfort. A optimum dots distance should be found. At least you should not sacrifice comfort to get durability and gripping.

How high is dots?

The dot height, dot size and dots distance are three factors that can impact, to a certain degree, the durability, gripping and comfort. You can take control over the dot height in production by adjusting either of  three things, the viscosity of PVC paste, the distance between glove moulds and screen, and type of screens. There is one thing worth to be mentioned here that is about how the height impact the glove dexterity. A higher height will, for sure, impact the movement of fingers that leads to lower dexterity.

How to align dots on liner?

Basically, you can align dots on liner with two ways. One way is to align dots vertically, meaning all the dots are not only horizontally aligned but also aligned vertically. The other way is that two neighboring lines of dots are not aligned vertically. Both ways have their own advantage. The advantage of the first one is a looser fingers because yarns on fingers can be easily separated. The advantage of the second way is better durability and better feeling when making a grip.

What is the dots color?

Dots color should be varied based on what the liner color is.  The principle is to get harmony for liner color and dots color. The color match between them should pleasure our human eyes. We also need to use stable dyes that can endure high temperature during production. Many dyes will change it’s original color after production because of their low stability in high temperature.

How to design the top portion of each finger?

The top portion of our fingers is more sensitive. The dots on this place can make our hands feel uncomfortable when we grip hard objects. We have to make this portion flat to let the uncomfortable feeling go when gripping hard objects. The following photo shows how Masterx do with regard to this issue.


pvc dots glove


Should some dots on finger bottom be removed?

As you can see, there are totally four places on glove that lies between two fingers.  These four places bring tension to our hands. They are the most stressful parts of glove, especially when the glove is thin. Most people do not pay much attention to this issue, but I would say it is completely necessary to remove  a few dots on this area that will lead to improved comfort. Although this improvement is not that much, doing it is still better than not.

How much space is left between glove edge and dots edge?

The glove dotting machine is not 100% accurate when planting dots on liners. So we must leave some safe space between dots and liner edge during production. This safe space allow us little error in order not to put dots outside the moulds. If that error happened and no space was left in advance, then dots would possibly drop on the area between two fingers that will stick fingers together.

What is the total dots length?

To answer this question, you have to first decide the total glove length, the wrist length and the safe top space left in advance. The total dots length comes after you deduct wrist length and safe space from total glove length. Try to make the total dots length as long as possible and if dots could cover the whole palm, it would be better. But when dots covered all palm area, you would have a longer glove length because you have to consider the wrist length. You do not want the dots covers our wrist that does not look good.


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