Are coated gloves completely safe to our hand skin?

Coated glove is the biggest category in work glove industry. It is constructed with a  liner and a coating. For the production of coated gloves, some chemicals need to be used as processing aid. I think it is necessary to examine these chemicals to find out if they are completely safe to our hands skin.

Methanol is one of them. I do not know if foreign coated glove factories use it, but all Chinese factories use methanol in their coated glove production. As you know, methanol is poisonous that is not only harmful to our hand skin but also to the whole physiological system. Most methanol could evaporates during production, but I think there might be very little methanol left on finished gloves that sill have some impact on our skin.

Another chemical substance used in coated glove production is calcium nitrate.  It also function as a processing aid in the production. Calcium nitrate is irritant to hand skin, especially when your hands sweat. Most calcium nitrate is left on gloves after production unless the gloves are effectively washed.

For high quality coated gloves produced in China, these harmful chemicals might be not a problem because these gloves are washed  to get rid of them. But more than half of coated gloves sold on market are actually not washed at all or not washed efficiently. The washing on production line has limited help to remove these chemicals, while washing outside production lines can remove most chemicals if you make it right.

When you wear these gloves especially when your skin is sensitive, what is showed on the following pictures might happen to you.


skin reaction 2

skin reaction 1

The skin reaction above comes from cases of real life. Of course it do not necessarily happen to you, but you get a very big chance to have these symptom when you wear these gloves all day long. What if we wear these skin harmful gloves the whole day and day in and day out?  I wonder the possible threat to our physiological system for long time use because the chemicals are able to enter our body through the damaged skin and accumulate gradually in our body. So the more serious harm from long time use might exist that is worth your consideration.


skin irritation

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