How to choose right gloves for your specific industry?

glove selection


First of all, I apologize for my Chinese English. You may feel not comfortable to read this post, but please be patient to read it through.

There are a lot of work gloves available on market like coated gloves, leather gloves, string knit gloves etc., each type with specific usage and features. When you work in a certain industry, you might be exposed to the risk of chemical liquid and mechanical cut. It is very important that, as a consumer of work gloves, you have to use the right gloves for your specific job, otherwise your hands would be exposed to risk and lose work efficiency. When you are looking for a pair of gloves that fit in this industry, the following aspects that may be worth your attention.

What chemicals does your work site have?

Your hands will be protected only when the gloves you wear is resistant to this specific chemical. If you didn’t examine the inherent risk your work site has and used wrong gloves, the chances are that the chemical liquid could penetrate your gloves to burn your hand skin. This web page provides a very good guide to help you to choose risk specific gloves.

Does your work environment push a requirement to cut resistance?

If your hands could be exposed to cut risk, the risk level should be evaluated. By European CE standard, cut resistance gloves are classified based on 5 grades. The higher the grade no. is, the stronger the resistant capability is. The cut level no. could be found either on gloves or on the package. US uses another set of cut criteria with different test method. You should be aware of the country difference about this criteria. You may as well check with your glove supplier to find the right grade your work needs.

What if your hands get a chance to be impacted?

Over the last few years, impact resistent gloves have been created to reduce the impact risk. Many industries are surely influenced by this risk. Currently there are two types of impact gloves, mechanical one and coated one. Mechanical one is made manually with several types of materials; coated one is with string knit liners. The glove construction of both types are all with elastic rubber on glove back, and rubber is the one that plays the role. So don’t forget there are impact gloves available when you meet this kind of risk.

What about puncture risk?

Puncture risk sometimes can play a very big role for hand injury. If it annoys you in your work site, then consider to wear puncture resistant gloves. The most famous brand that deals with puncture is Hexarmor. They have a full set of gloves that aims to puncture. You can go to their website to get a basic idea about this sphere.

Is the glove comfortable enough and can I wear it all day long?

Many work gloves have the problem of breathability, because of which workers prefer not to wear it. This would expose their hands to risk. So a pair of work gloves that really function and breathable is very important for workers. It is better that you ask your glove supplier if the glove is breathable, otherwise nobody will tell you the truth of the breathability. Masterx is a small work glove factory in China that produces and exports PVC dots gloves for foreign importers. It is the type of gloves with breathability and anti-slip resistance. If the glove quantity you buy each time is big enough, you may as well to consider importing from us.

What size do my hands fit?

Size is very important. Wearing larger or small gloves would lose dexterity. Smaller gloves also bring you more stress on hands and could lead to hand fatigue quickly. One glove fits all is not a good solution for our job. Only one size available is about cheap work glove. We not only need a pair of glove that is protective, but dexterity is also very important. Wearing the right size is the prerequisite for easy and effective work.

Dexterity, dexterity and dexterity

In your industry, you might need to do some precise jobs, like picking up small screws. Ambidextrous gloves can give you an advantage to get your job done easily without taking off your gloves. A very big part of gloves sold in western countries are imported from Asian countries especially from China. The dexterity of those Chinese gloves could be a problem because their poor glove design. Try the gloves on your hand when you make purchase to compare how the glove dexterity looks like, and find the most ambidextrous one.

Sometimes you need one pair of gloves that combines various functions. What you need to do is make sure check with your supplier to find if the glove can meet all your needs.


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