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Masterx is a valuable work gloves manufacturer and supplier from Gaomi, China, supplying PVC dotted gloves, latex coated gloves and other types of work gloves. PVC dotted glove, another name PVC dots gloves are made of knitted glove liner planted with PVC dots; Latex coated gloves are made of string knit liner and latex coating, natural rubber, nitrile or PU. Other work gloves includes like string knit gloves,  leather gloves, mechanical gloves etc. Masterx has cutting-edge glove dotting machine that is for making high quality PVC dotted gloves. Masterx also partners with cost-efficient factories that have competitive price and guaranteed quality. Masterx not only supplys to our domestic market but also export to other foreign countries. If you are one of customers who are looking for real value , Masterx will be the right one for you. Masterx strives to add value to each order you are to place.

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