Style No.:  X-404
Product Type:  Coated Glove
Liner Material:  Polyester
Coating Latex:  Latex with Sandy Finish
Gauge: 13
Cuff Type: Knit Wrist
Liner and Coating Color:  White and Blue
Size:  8/M, 9/L, 10/XL
Typical Packaging:  12 pairs for each poly bag, 240 pairs per carton


The advantage of latex coated sandy finish glove is the grip. The grip is outstanding especially under wet or oily condition. The micro holes on palm coating is attributed to the excellent grip. Here you should be aware of the difference between latex sandy finish and nitrile sandy finish since they are all sandy finish. Each of them has it’s own advantage and disadvantage:

  • Latex sandy has a better gripping than nitrile sandy
  • Latex sandy is more flexible than nitrile sandy
  • Nitrile sandy is more chemical and oil resistant
  • Latex sandy is thicker than nitrile sandy

Latex coated sandy finish are often seen on 7 gauge acrylic winter glove, either palm coated or half coated style. Latex sandy coating make the thick winter glove less stiff because of it’s softness.